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A Happy 40th

A Happy 40th

Powerhouse BB, 5/15/21
Pax: 20
HIM: BandwagonLOLLambchopKJV Arrow PaperboyPotts Brains QuiverYoshiRecallCage FreePiXARTop40Foghorn Former FNG Manny Pedi, Former FNG Libre, Former FNG PSL, Former FNG Plié
QIC: Happy Meal

Mission Statement
Mosey to Basketball court, and line up on end line for some end-to-end stuff
Generally Q isn’t a big fan of leading themed or cutsie-type workouts. But given that today is Q’s birthday, the Pax is going to be joining me for a journey of my growth over the years.

When we’re born, we start out just crawling, and work our way up from there…
Bear Crawl (ic)
Crawl Bear (ic)
Duck Walk (ic)
Smurf Jacks (ic)
Bolt 45’s (ic) Crowd pleaser… particularly for the pax who had the pleasure of following SHRINK @ Pow Wow yesterday.

Okay, now we’ve got our legs under us and we start having fun. Bandwagon and Happy pick teams playground-style. Happy picks a guy, Bandwagon picks a guy until the pax is split.
Team Happy lined up on one sideline, Team Bandwagon on the opposite sideline.

First PAX from each line play 1-on-1 basketball. First Pax to make a hoop wins. All pax from the winning team does SSH, while all pax from the loosing team does burpees. The next pax from each team goes head to head while everyone else is doing SSH/Burpees. Rinse and Repeat until all pax have played.

FNG PSL schooled the Q with multiple crossovers… we’ll get back to that.

Mosey to the snack shack in the center of the fields.

We’re growing up a bit now. Times are weird.
Pax pick a spot on the wall for some Ascending Testicles (ic), 10 reps at each of the three positions. Not going to lie… this was brutal.
Turnaround for some Dirty Hookups (ic).

Mosey to the bottom of the hill and pair up for some Dora. We’re growing up and starting to push ourselves much harder now.
100 Hand Release Merkins
200 Squats
300 LBC
Partner moseys up to the top of the hill and back

Mosey around the baseball field and back to the center of the park, at the playground.

What’s that? Good Morning you say??? Yes indeed, we’re learning our manners along the way too. 5 Good Morning burpees for both of the very nice couples who wished us a good morning during our mosey.

Okay, we’re at the playground. When I was in High School, I lived across the street from a playground just like this. I also lived next door to a girl.

11’s: Pickle Pounders on one side, Mosey to the other side of the playground, Monkey Humpers.

Mosey back to the basketball court and partner up along the end line.

Partner Carry out to the opposite end line, swap, and Partner Carry back.

FNG PSL, come on out to the the center of the court and meet my friend Bandwagon. All PAX place your bets now. PSL and Bandwagon are going head to head for a best of 3 challenge. First guy with two hoops wins. PAX betting on PSL go to one side of the court, PAX betting on Bandwagon go to the opposite side of the court. Waiting PAX hold a squat while PSL and Bandwagon face off.

Bandwagon seals the deal with two hoops. PSL’s side does 10 Burpees… Bandwagon’s side does 5 Burpees.

We’ve got a few minutes let for Marry:
Low Dolly’s (ic)
High Dolly’s (ic)
Rosalita’s (ic)

Mission Statement
Words from the heart: Throughout this journey of life, I’ve found that it is the man next to me who: Makes life more fun (playing ball on the court); Pushes me to work harder and accomplish more than I ever would on my own (Dora); Supports me when I need help or simply can’t get there alone (partner carry). Make time for the men around you. That fellowship will make life more enjoyable, will push you to be more impactful, and will support you through the hard times.

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