F3 Gold Rush
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100 Teeth

100 Teeth

Backblast: Circle of Pain

Workout Date: May 8th, 2021
Q: Red Ryder


The Scene: 60 degs, clear blue skies w/ a light breeze

2 FNG’s

F3 Welcome and Disclaimer:

· Plank
· 5 Core Principles (Merkin for each CP)
· Mission
· Disclaimer
· Abe Vigoda’s IC (Slow & Stretch)
· Mosey to Coupons
· Mosey to School Yard where 12 cones are set up.

Tha Thang: Circle of Pain (COP) – Focusing on Speed Strength and Stamina

PAX to bring their coupon and pick a cone as a starting point (must have at least one partner – no working alone). 12 exercises (and cones) are set up in a circle (w/ chalk on the ground). Complete the exercise listed at the cone – As Many Reps As Possible (AMRAP) for 45 second intervals then write the highest number in the group and sprint to next cone – Q has timer app w/ workout music to time the intervals. (Q had technical issues and the music stoped part way through).

Rinse & repeat all 12 for second circuit.

Goal: Try to meet or beat the highest rep count in chalk on the ground. Keep heart rate up and support each other. (It’s only 45 seconds…)

Circuit 1 & 2 Exercises

#1 – Curls for the Girls (w/ Coupon) AMRAP

#2 – Mike Tyson’s (feet on wall – wall squat, extend legs and then pushup) AMRAP

#3 – Hillbillies (w/ Coupon Overhead) AMRAP

#4 – Mountain Climber’s 2:1 AMRAP

#5 – Bonnie Blair’s 2:1 AMRAP

#6 – OH Press (w/ Coupon) AMRAP

#7 – Tricep Extensions (w/ Coupon) AMRAP

#8 – Squats (arms outstretched w/ Coupon)

#9 – Hernia’s (V-up w/ Coupon overhead)

#10 – American Hammer’s (w/ Coupon)

#11 – Hand Release Merkins

#12 – Gas Pumps (on 6 w/ coupon over your head)

· Mosey to Return Coupons
· Mosey to Benches
· Dips IC (20) OYO (Warmup)
· Dips IC (30) OYO

Mosey to flags (sprint back to pick up the 6)

· Red Ryder Dirkins IC (Down on slow 5-count, then up on slow 5-count) (just 10)


· Feddy Mercury’s OYO x 30, 2:1
· Low Dolley’s IC (x15)
· War Hammer’s (Like a WW2 Sit-up w/ 4 American Hammers at the top) IC (x20)
· LBC’s OYO x 40
· Burpees OYO x 5

COT: 8:00
· Count-o-rama
· Name-o-rama

Named 2 FNG’s
Welcome Jenner & Hammock

Tooth Fairy ‘s 100
Lots of nice things said about Tooth Fairy and his example to the rest of us.

As men it is important to have speed, strength and stamina not only physically but in all aspects of our lives and relationships.

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