F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
Alot Can Happen in a Year

Alot Can Happen in a Year

Q: Horry

18 PAX

20 – cherry pickers IC
10 – Abe Vigoda IC
High knees
Butt kickers

The Thang:
Mosey to coupons – partner up each pair grab a coupon and mosey to grass area.

5 Good Morning Burpees

Diego – Pax A starts workout and Pax B runs to far baseball diamond dirt.

100 merkins
150 over head press
200 LBC
250 Curls
300 weighted squats

*10 more good morning Burpees

Mosey coupons back mosey to snack bar

25 IC low flutters
25 IC low dolly – Q got a little sideways on the cadence but the ox responded well.

25 Dips
26 step ups

Mosey to basketball courts

5 – Burpees – bear-crawl
10 – Lunges (2/1) – Bear-crawl
15 – Imperial Walker (2/1) – Bear-crawl
20 – Merkins – Bear-crawl
25 – Plankjack – Bear-crawl
30 – SSH – Bear-crawl

Mosey to flags stop to complete 5 good morning Burpees

2 85Z

Today marked the Q 1 year mark (minus a day) since joining F3. Encouraged Pax to continue showing up. Great to look back where he was to where we as a group is going. Shout out to the next Red Tape Q.

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