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Fibonacci Sequence Workout

Fibonacci Sequence Workout

AO: The Den
Date: 6/3/2021
PAX: Razzmatazz, Aflac, Arco, Chamomile, Periscope, Goose, Swirly, & YHC the QIC

Welcome: Credo, 5 Core Principles, FNG check (none), Disclaimer, & props to F3 KC for the workout

WOR: Chinooks, Hillbillies, Mountain Man Poopers, all IC

THe Thang: Fibonacci Sequence Workout
1) 0 murder bunnies
2) 1 parking lot lap
3) 1 minute Balls to the Wall
4) 2 minute plank
5) 3 bursts of 10 Merkins IC
6) 5 Motivators IC
7) 8 Burpees IC
8) 13 Squats

Mosey to picnic tables

9) 21 Decline Merkins
10) 34 Bulgarian Split Leg Squats (17 each leg)
11) 55 Ninnie Knockers
12) 89 Step Ups
13) 144 LBCs
14) 233 Flutter Kicks

Mosey to the playground

Mary: Rosalita Wips, Freddie Mercurys, American Hammers, Pickle Pounders, all IC

Mosey to flags for a 30-second Plank & the COT

Final Thoughts: Our Mission is to plant, grow, & serve small men’s workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. So find someone who needs to be mentored into what a man looks like.

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