F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
Bearscalator 11s

Bearscalator 11s

QIC: Psalty
PAX: 13
Spirit Fingers, Chuck E, Schwartz, Topham Hat, Hall Pass, Chicken Little, Psalty, Sancho, Bono, ConAir, Frank the Tank, Package, MarkyMark.

5 Core Principles
Warm Up
Mosey to tall garage
Bolt 45s, Grady Corn IC, Mt. Climbers IC
Bernie, side shuffle, Carioca, AYG, And Mosey to top
Clock Merkins
Bottom Feeder 11s
Big Boys and Burpees with Bear crawl up and down the incline of the garage.
Mosey Down stairs to other garage
Two foot jumps up stairs to the top
2 alarm clocks – Plank and feet 6 in off ground
Mosey back to flags
Butt Ups IC
Mt. Climbers IC

Reviewed F3 Credo “Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him” and talked about the importance of the second portion “Leave no man where you found him.” If you are picking up the six it isn’t walking with them it is supporting them as they continue to accelerate and assist them in pushing past their limit at that time.

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