F3 Gold Rush
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I Think That Bird Said Good Morning

I Think That Bird Said Good Morning

Simple & straight-forward today…22 PAX joined me as I gave some small nods to Gold Rush & our High Impact Man, Kilt!

PAX: Sandlot (my 2.1), Sancho, Kilt, Arco, Birdie, softkitty, Chamomile, Floss (Cham’s Shortie), Yoshi, Sue, Peach, Drum Stick, Banjö, Psalty, Fanny Pack, Schwartz, Thumper, Green Thumb-, Tuck, Flagrant, & YHC

Welcome/Morning Merkin Rule/Mission/Credo/FNGs (none!)/Disclaimer

Overhead Claps
Lounge Acts
Don Quixotes

Killer B’s
Indian Crab Walk
Lazy Doras
The Wolverine

Rosalita Wips
Sleeping Hillbillies
Howling Monkeys

COT & Final Thoughts: I don’t like it when people tell me what to do. But if I’m trying to make a habit or instill a habit in someone, I need to show them the benefits of it. That’s why Positive Habit Transfer is such an important concept in F3. So find someone who you can transfer positive habits to.

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