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That Coupon Burn

That Coupon Burn

Q: Bam Bam

15 pax including Qic joined me today for a romp to Rocklin High School! Thank you all for that wonderful time! I enjoyed being your Q today.

Warm up
Mosey to pick up coupons and then mosey to Rocklin high school with coupon stopping a few time along to way to do some coupon exercises.

Stop at Amphitheater for first beat down

Beat down #1

Blackjack 21’s that turned into 11’s for the sake of time. It turns out that carrying coupons to Rocklin High School takes a bit longer than we thought.

Pax will start at the edge of the grassy area
Start with sit ups with coupon and then run across the grass up the amphitheater stairs and at top of stairs start with a squat and then to a bicep curl and then to over head press and then back down. Return to the big boi sit up area rinse and repeat.

When completed take coupons to basket ball courts where flags were formerly planted. On the way stop and do Blockies.

Beatdown #2 (no coupon)

On the basketball court side lines partner up. 1 pax will start at first side line and do 5 Merkins. Then get up run to the next side line and then Bernie Sanders back to the starting side line for other pax will do American hammers with coupon till partner returns. Do this 6 times as fast as you are able.

Head back to return the coupons.

End with CoT

Some words about my journey in F3 and how far I have come in my acceleration. I encourage any new ones to start to pay attention to the HIMs who are always giving it everything they got at the workouts. Start out by trying to stay with them for at least parts of the workouts at first. Keep trying more and more to keep up with them and eventually you will be one of them. That’s what I did in my journey and it helped to push me at all the workouts and I have seen so much improvement!

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