F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
88 is Enough

88 is Enough

QIC: YHC (‘88)

Miles covered: 3.7

Mosey to rock wall
Merkins and dips

Mosey to Thunderdome 1.0 field
Quarter Pounder
Merkins…squats…plank jacks…SSH

Mosey through the hole in the fence to the Hillcrest neighborhood hill for Quadzilla
Start at stop sign Bernie Sanders up to a point
Approximately 25 yards, mosey down.
Repeato for 3 minutes

Move to small grass next to Clubhouse.
10 Abe Vigoda IC
10 Grady Corn IC


Jacobs ladder
Burpees to 7
Run up 1 street light. 1 burpee.
Run down and back up. 2 burpees
Repeat up to 7 burpees

Mosey back to flags

Low flutters IC
Low Dollies IC
High plank hold for the longest less than a minute of my life thanks to Horry’s questionable timekeeping.

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