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Friday Funday

Friday Funday

Q: Chuck E.

14 PAX participated in Friday Funday at the legendary Taproot stadium:

Mountain Man Poopers – IC
Superman pulses – IC
Motivators down from 8
Gas pumps – IC

Tunnel army crawl Indian run

Game one
Station 1 – Curls
Station 2 – Super Marios
Station 3 – Squats (if needed)
Station 4 – Hand release release Merkins 300

One pax at each station. One extra pax at station 1. At “Exercise” all pax start working. Extra pax Bernie Sanders to station 2 for hand off. Pax 1 takes over super Mario’s while pax 2 Bernie Sanders to station 3 to relieve him. The race is for team to get to 300 merkins.

Game Two – TicTacToe
Teams of 2
Pax 1 sprints to board, burpee half way there, then makes a play.
Pax 2 LBC till handoff.
Rotate making moves against other team. You only get 3 cones, after third placement, you move one. Play until one team gets tic-tac-toe

Tournament – congrats to Psalty and Tech Deck !

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