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My Ruck is Your Ruck

My Ruck is Your Ruck

Site: The Forge

QIC: Dinghy

Pax: 19


  • Dinghy
  • ConAir
  • Possum
  • Roller King
  • Dome
  • Bam Bam
  • Chicken Little
  • Tooth Fairy
  • Hightower
  • Chuck E.
  • Red Light
  • Yoshi
  • Ostrich Bait
  • KJV
  • Banjo
  • Elsa
  • Spirit Fingers
  • Package
  • Rain Check


Welcome to F3 my name is Dinghy and this site is
called The Forge

Rucks on

The 3 F’s stand for Fitness , Fellowship and Faith

F3 has 5 core principles
Open to all man – merkins IC
Free of charge – squats Ic
Held outdoors – SSH IC
Led in a rotating fashion by your peers – step ups IC
End in a circle of trust

The Thang:

If you have a watch – take it off, pass it around the circle to me.

On my Go you will have 30 seconds to empty your rucks out in the center then get back in your circle with an empty pack – Go

Next Pass your ruck 3 people to the right .

You have 30 seconds to repack and get back into the circle – Go

Ruck on to baseball field –
Get in line – Indian ruck toss. To end and back

P1 Rucks off
P2 carry both rucks and walks next to P1 while P1 does lunge walk 10 yards, frog jumps 10yards, bear crawls 10 yards and switch
Rucks on
Mosey to parking lot stop at KJV murder bunny mobile

25 flutter kicks with ruck overhead 2 is 1
20 strict overhead presses
15 squats
10 push ups
Ruck 400m end of parking lot, turn around and do it again.

5 Minutes of Mary:

Get ups- 10
Mountain climbers IC
Carolina dry docks IC
Rinse and repeat


Count a Rama
Name a Rama
Cot announcement

Faith is a trust built on relationships- simply put be someone we can count on.

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