F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
A Dollop of Daisy

A Dollop of Daisy

Divento: 6/3/21
QIC: Daisy 🌼🎯
Spirit Fingers, ChooChoo, Bandwagon, MarkyMark, LOL, Stepbrother, Kiddy Pool, Drum Stick, Bono, Sue, Top40, Yoshi, Mumbles, Birthdaysuit, Backseat!!, Hurl, Roadrunner, Offshore, Kilt, Brass Monkey, Clove, Jake (from State Farm), FNG ->Dirté, FNG ->MyPleasure, Butane, Fanny Pack, Daisy

Welcome to F3
Mission Statement
5 Core Principles

Warm up:
-20 Grady corns IC
-15 merk IC
-10 mountain man poopers IC
-Bear crawl across & back short of b-ball
-Partner broken wheelbarrow across switch and back short of b-ball
-Indian run/ Bernie front til peer pass around parking lot.

-Big Bang at statue:
-Pearls: 4 rounds.
*B-ball to statue*
Jump ropes at B ball. X50
Run to statue plank for 6
Exercise 1:
10 merkins, run to b-ball and gore for 6.
Repeat 50x jump rope, run to statue.
Exercise 2:
20 squats, run to b-ball.
Repeat 50x jump rope, run to statue.
Exercise 3:
30 LBC, run b-ball court.
50x ropes, run to statue.

Mosey back to b-ball

-alphabet (all the letters)
-Coolers jk on me we didn’t do coolers.
-heel taps 20
-world war sit ups 15 oyo

count o rama
name o rama

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