F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
A Dollop of Daisy

A Dollop of Daisy

Divento: 6/3/21
QIC: Daisy ??
Spirit Fingers, ChooChoo, Bandwagon, MarkyMark, LOL, Stepbrother, Kiddy Pool, Drum Stick, Bono, Sue, Top40, Yoshi, Mumbles, Birthdaysuit, Backseat!!, Hurl, Roadrunner, Offshore, Kilt, Brass Monkey, Clove, Jake (from State Farm), FNG ->Dirté, FNG ->MyPleasure, Butane, Fanny Pack, Daisy

Welcome to F3
Mission Statement
5 Core Principles

Warm up:
-20 Grady corns IC
-15 merk IC
-10 mountain man poopers IC
-Bear crawl across & back short of b-ball
-Partner broken wheelbarrow across switch and back short of b-ball
-Indian run/ Bernie front til peer pass around parking lot.

-Big Bang at statue:
-Pearls: 4 rounds.
*B-ball to statue*
Jump ropes at B ball. X50
Run to statue plank for 6
Exercise 1:
10 merkins, run to b-ball and gore for 6.
Repeat 50x jump rope, run to statue.
Exercise 2:
20 squats, run to b-ball.
Repeat 50x jump rope, run to statue.
Exercise 3:
30 LBC, run b-ball court.
50x ropes, run to statue.

Mosey back to b-ball

-alphabet (all the letters)
-Coolers jk on me we didn’t do coolers.
-heel taps 20
-world war sit ups 15 oyo

count o rama
name o rama

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