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It’s ReRun, NOT Pre-Run

It’s ReRun, NOT Pre-Run

QIC: Rerun


Warmup: 15 Cherry Pickers IC, 15 Squats IC, 15 side Straddle hops IC.

The Thang:
Indian run to the Stanford Ranch/Sunset Street light – 15 dips OYO, 15 burpees OYO,
Cross the street – 20 push-ups OYO

Mosey to Rocklin High School soccer field, hold a squat or plank for the 6.
Line up at the goal line. 
Bear crawl to the 18-yard penalty box, then do 30 hill climbers, Crawl bear back to the goal line. 
Jump Squat to the half-way line, then do 30 Big boy sit ups. Bernie Sanders back to the goal line.
Run to the other 18-yard penalty box, then do 30 push-ups, run back to the goal line.
Run from goal line to goal line, then do 30 side straddle-hops. Run back to the goal line and repeat.

McFly – took water break

Back at the goal line do 30 LBCs. Pick up the six or plank

Mosey back to the coupons. Do 20 mountain climbers at the street light.
2x each:
25 curls
25 shoulder press
25 rows
Drop off the coupons

Mosey to the benches near the snack bar
20 dips IC
20 step ups

15 Low flutters
15 High flutters
15 Big boy sit-ups
15 Freddie Mercuries

Welcome FNG, Sweet Tooth ?

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