F3 Gold Rush
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Ultimate Frisburpee

Ultimate Frisburpee

QIC: Drumstick
PAX: 17
Butane Dome⛰ Dilbert Ponytail ChooChoo Chicken Little Package Tooth Fairy Backseat!! Toto Sereno Green Thumb – ExciteBike Schmear Barker Depends Drumstick

5 core principals /// Mission Statement /// Disclaimer
21 SSH IC…40 Batwings IC…40 reverse Batwings IC…40 seal claps IC…20 leg throws
“The Thang”
Ultimate Frisburpee
Mosey to field next to the flags…circle up. Count off 1 2 count. 2’s wear a penne jersey. Similar to ultimate frisbee but with penalty burpees. On the 1st turnover, 5 burpees for all PAX. On the 2nd turnover, 4 burpees. On the 3rd, 3 burpees. On the 4th turnover, 2 burpess. On the 5th turnover, 1 burpee. If neither team has scored, the remainder of the point is played like regular ultimate frisbee. Burpee count resets after every point. You do not have to wait for all PAX to finish burpees to begin playing (i.e., it is advantageous to finish your burpees faster). Scoring team holds a plank after each score while opposing team bear crawls the length of the field. During the entire play of the game one person from each team is carrying a 40 lb tractor weight in each hand and walking and doing shrugs around the field one time.

20 American hammers..50 SSH IC
COT “Show me the man you honor and I will know what kind of man you are.” Thomas John Carlisle. Who do you try to honor? What does that say about you?

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