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Dinghy Q – Bear-muda Triangle

Dinghy Q – Bear-muda Triangle

Attendance 12:
Q: Dinghy 916-705-9561
Pax: Backseat!! baller Bambino Dome⛰ Frank The Tank Package Wrench Jordan Rainwater Coleman Singlet Toto No.2

12 awesome PAX’s had no idea what was ahead of them, their innocence faces so sweet during the mumble chatter prior to circle up.

Warm o Rama – windmills IC
IC bat wings – arm circles forward, backwards, seal claps and overhead claps

Break up in 3 teams of 4
Bear-muda triangles – burpees go down but bear crawls go farther
First triangle – 9 burpees at each cone mode of travel is bear crawls
*coleman said I had a small triangle so Second triangle each team moved 5 yards further away – 6 burpees and bear crawls
Third triangle moved another 5 yards away – 3 burpees and bear crawls

Indian run around tennis court and back to cones

Plank snake – stayed in teams. First guy goes down in plank position while second guys hops over him and then planks, third, fourth and so forth. Down to cone and back

3 cones – one minute each rotate
Cone 1 – squats
Cone 2 – spider walks 4 forward 4 back
Cone 3 – big boy sit-ups
Suicide relay – losing team does 10 burpees. Our team one, it was a photo finish between Coleman’s team and bambino’s, but Coleman edged him out. (I thought Bambino was a star college athlete?)

Carolina dry docks IC
Low flutters IC
10 big boy OYO

Count a Rama
Name a Rama
Cot announcement

Ball of man – prayer by Coleman

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