F3 Gold Rush
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The Glorious & Brutal Return to RHS

The Glorious & Brutal Return to RHS

Q: Chuck E.


Al Gore hold for 5 core principles and mission statement

Abe Vigota’s – IC – 4

Mosey to Amphitheater

The Thang:

Bottom – Psuedo Planche Merkins
Box Jump up
Top – Breakdancing Bears – Good form (2 is 1)
Step back down

Mosey to Thunder Hill

Partners accumulate 50 Burpees.
Bernie two posts.
100 Carolina Dry Docks
Bernie two posts.
100 Hand Release Release Merkins
Bernie two posts
200 Jungle Boi Squats.
Bernie two posts
250 Big Boy Sit-ups – not facing downhill
Go to six and finish with them (accumulating with them)

Mosey to flags

Good form squats with 6 touching bench, but not sitting down. IC – Control Freak style

Nolan Ryan’s IC
Supermans IC
Plank Hold till 8am

Don’t be tempted to “perform” here or in life. Work your best to accelerate. Doing it in good form will get you much further

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