F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
The Fanniest of PAX

The Fanniest of PAX

Q: Fanny Pack
PAX: 10

Mosey to coupins
Seal Claps IC x12
Overhead Claps IC x12
Grady Corn IC x12
Sun Gods IC x12
Reverse Sun Gods IC x12
Seal Claps IC x13


Select coupins

Mosey to flags
Low Dolly with shoulders off ground IC x20

Rapid Rock Set
-Curls IC x20
-Overhead Press IC x20
-Chest Press IC x30
-Pullover IC x15
Repeato +5reps

Stack coupins neatly
Mosey to Tennis Courts

-4 squat jumps, 5 broad jumps across three courts
-mosey back
-4 squats, 5 broad jumps across three courts
-mosey back
Suicide turning at far side line of each court

Walking recovery with seal claps

Mosey to flags
Heel taps IC x20
E2k IC x10
Low Flutter shoulders off ground IC x20

Mosey toward western fields
Mike Tyson’s OYO x10 on curb in parking lot

Mosey to coupins
Select coupin (another)
Rapid Rock Set
Curls IC x15
Overhead Press IC x15

Blockees OYO x5 plus or minus ?

Mosey to basketball court
-Suicide, but mode of travel changes when distance changes; facing same way the whole time
*free throw – bear crawl out, reverse crawl bear back
*half court – lunge walk out, reverse lunge walk back
*full court – sprint out, bernie back

Mosey to flags

Grab coupins
Mosey to put away coupins
Put coupins away

Mosey to flags

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