F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
Miles Q – PB&J to Lt. Danger

Miles Q – PB&J to Lt. Danger

Q: Miles
15 PAX: Chicken LittleMarkyMarkSingletColeman‘88Al DavisGlassTotoTrunk MonkeyRoller KingSharkbait @drought @Splinter Former FNG – Miranda

F3 Welcome
Think of a fitness goal you can accomplish today
5 core principles

Manatees IC 10

Mosey to Baseball bleachers

Pull Ups x10
Broad Jumps – up bleachers x1
SSH (Jumping Jacks) x20

Mosey round outside of baseball field

PB&J repeat

Mosey to start of frisbee golf course trail

Scout Indian Run
Normal Indian run

Stop at bridge

Motivators (from 7)

Mosey to football stadium

7 of Diamonds
At each corner:
7 – burpees x4 one time around track
14 – flutter kicks x4
21 – merkins x4 (modified to 2 due to time)
28 – squats x4 (modified to 2 due to time)

Mosey to basketball court

Lt. Danger w/ prisoner get up x2

Mosey to flags


Did you accomplish the fitness goal you planned this morning?
Set goals!
Think about who you want to be and work towards it.
What do you want to be known for? Your reputation.

Name FNG: Miranda

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