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Divento Dance Party

Divento Dance Party

22 HIMs made it out in the gloom this AM to max out with the PAX out: Spirit Fingers Clove Sue SAMSONITE Excite Bike Jake (from State Farm) Daisy Birthdaysuit Polo Yoshi Sideboob CHONG Mudslide MarkyMark SHRINK Baxter KJV Bowser Luigi Top40 Fanny Pack & me Pikachu

We were moving and a grooving to some high quality jams, it was like Zumba but KJV was telling me that his Zumba classes are way more difficult.

Hello – Jump Rope 3 Merkins every Hello
Shots – Slow Squat till chorus then speed squats
Song 2 – LBCs to Alarm Clocks at Chorus
One More Time – Run in Place to Burpees (every One More Time)
Spanish Flea – Mosey Around Parking Lot and pick a partner
Nightrain – 1 partner Merkins other parther Lunges to Bernie across bball court.
Never Gonna Give You Up – 1 partner Al Gore other parther Bear Crawl to Crawl Bear across bball court (kick Q in butt because you’re so in love with workout so far)
Da Dip – Dips, Step Ups, Derkins, and Run to far basketball hoop
The Launch – Plank, Side Plank, Side Plank
Feet Don’t Fail Me – Jump Rope to Mosey
Bicycle Race – Freddie Merc to Squats to Freddie Mercury to squats to Freddie Mercury
Flower – Your Choice Sally
Wind Beneath My Wings – COT

Words: I like music, I incorporated it in our workout. Some things worked, some didn’t, but that’s life. There is no reason why you can’t Q and bring something you like into the mix.

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