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Driven 2 Save Lives

Driven 2 Save Lives

Socrates ExciteBike Bono Yoshi Spirit Fingers ChooChoo Schwartz CHONG Jet-Puffed Tent Bandwagon Foghorn Drum Stick Frank The Tank MarkyMark Roadrunner SHRINK Birthdaysuit Vespa Backseat!! Herschel softkitty Chicken Little Fanny Pack, Pool Boy

27 PAX

Mission statement

5 core principles

20 side straddle hops in cadence
20 overhead claps in cadence

Count off 1-4 break off into 4 groups
Mosey to the snack bar

4 stations set up
Station 1
8 burpees
10 Murkins
20 Plank Jack

Station 2
8 Hammers 2 is 1
10 Big Boys
20 LBC

Station 3
8 Side Straddle Hops
10 Squats
20 Monkey Humpers

Station 4
8 V ups
10 dips
20 step ups

Each group started at a station 1s at 1 2s at 2 and so on.

After finishing the reps at the station mosey to snack bar bear crawl around snack bar to 3 exit mosey to next station. Rinse and repeat AMRAP style for approximately 30 minutes.

I think we all made it 2 rounds plus 1.

Mosey to basketball court for 20 low dollies in cadence

20 low flutters in cadence

Why not 20 more LBC OYO

End in circle of trust.

Handed out Driver2Savelives.org bracelets

8- your organs can save up to 8 lives
10- every 10 minutes another person is added to the organ donor wait list
20-20 people die each day waiting on a donor.

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