F3 Gold Rush
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Roll of the Dice

Roll of the Dice

Backblast: Roll of the Dice
QIC: Foghorn
Mileage: 2.2+ miles
PAX: 20
Bandwagon WoW LOL MarkyMark Roadrunner Schwartz ExciteBike Toro Frank The Tank Yoshi ChooChoo Daisy LZ Chicken Little SHRINK Spirit Fingers Samsonite Pool Boy and Former FNG Tuck

5 Core Principles
Mission Statement

15 Cherry Pickers IC
15 Harry Rockettes IC

Indian Run in two groups to the statue

The Thang:
We partnered up and each PAX grabbed a jump rope and we rolled 3 Exercise Dice. After each exercise was announced QIC randomly came up with a rep count using an app. After completing all 3 exercises with your partner the PAX ran a lope around each island on their respective side. PAX then jumped rope for the six.

Set 1:
27 Flutter Kicks 2 is 1
27 Carolina Dry Docks
27 Monkey Humpers
Run a lap

Set 2:
14 Tuck Jumps
14 Derkins
14 Monkey Humpers
Run a lap

Set 3:
28 Hillbilly Squats
28 Mountain Climbers 2 is 1
28 Dips
Run a lap

Set 4:
19 Jungle Boi Squats
19 Itsy Bitsy Shoulder Taps
19 American Hammers 2 is 1

Set 5:
13 Squats
13 Diamond Merkins
13 Low Dollys
Run a lap

Set 6:
11 Hillbilly Squats
11 Tuck Jumps
11 Flying Chickens
Run a lap

Set 7:
24 Burpees
24 Sumo Squats
24 Wide Merkins

Mosey back to flags
Lined up in the basketball court and did suicides until 6:00.

Count o Rama
Name o Rama
COT and Announcements

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