F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
Sandstorm AO LAUNCH – Q: La Croix – 45 min SANDBAG beatdown

Sandstorm AO LAUNCH – Q: La Croix – 45 min SANDBAG beatdown

Goldrush AO: Sandstorm

QIC: La Croix

PAX (12): Dilbert, Franc, Captain Hook ,Talon, Gift Wrap, Chicken Little, Package, Vespa, Mom’s Spaghetti, Happy Meal, Pony Tail, La Croix

Welcome/Mission/5 Core Principles/Disclaimer

The Thang:

Sandbag cleans 10 OYO

Squat Thrusts IC x 15

Sandbag Pickle Pounders IC x 15

Forward lunge + curl -after coming up from the forward lunge, do 1 curl.  10 each side x IN CADENCE

Slowsy with sandbags out to light post ~75 yards

Reverse lunge + good morning – with sandbag on back, lunge backwards, after coming up on the lunge, go to a goodmorning (back straight, bend over, come back up) – IC x 10

Sumo Squat/High pulls 20 in a Down/up CADENCE

Side to Side Press – IC x 15 (30 total)

Pull Throughs – PAX plank and pull 16 

Slowsy with sandbags back to light post ~75 yards  

Partner Up 

Burpee/Bear Crawl

P1  does 5 Sandbag Burpees, then mosey’s out to take over the Bear Crawl Drag by partner 2. P2 Bear Crawl Drags Sandbag until P1 reaches them. Switch.

Over Shoulder Toss/Curls

P1 picks up sandbag from the ground, tosses it over shoulder 5 times. P2 curls until P1 does 5 Over Shoulder Toss. Switch. Rinse and repeat until 15 OST are done by each partner.

Lunge/Squat Walk

P1 carries the sandbag and performs 2 forward walking lunges and 2 squats rinse and repeat until P2 catches up.

P2 performs 10 BBSUs and takes his bag to catch up to P1. Switch. Rinse and repeat; ends on Qs call.

Slowsy with sandbags back to flags and circle up

MARY: (while listening to the song SANDSTORM)

Partner Plank Pull Through 

Both partners plank side by side with 1-2 feet of space between them. P1 pulls sandbag through to P2, P2 pulls through and then back to P1, rinse and repeat. X 25

Squats IC x 25




Word: What is the mission statement for your family? I’ve recently started to have family meetings and call them “dream sessions” where we developed a core values that formulate our mission statement as a family, so in whatever we do, we can ask “is this a MET?” (mission-essential-task).



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