F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
La Croix Q: Cards of Fate – 45 min @ Momentum

La Croix Q: Cards of Fate – 45 min @ Momentum

Goldrush AO: Momentum

QIC: La Croix

PAX (7): Stitches, Picard, Franc, Horry, Mudpie, Timberlake, La Croix

Welcome/Mission/5 Core Principles/Disclaimer

I used the F3 Workout Deck (highly recommend). I preselected around 16 cards that will best serve the PAX with my vision of the workout. Each PAX takes 2 cards. Losing a card mid-workout is 25 Burpees for all PAX.

*I like using the F3 workout deck of cards occasionally because it gives other PAX an opportunity to lead the cadence call. Like today, a PAX (Mudpie) who has never Qed before called a really good cadence, which led to mumble chatter of how Mudpie hasn’t Qed yet; in which the Site Q said he will put Mudpie’s VQ on the calendar.


Copperhead Flying Chickens IC x 10 forward, 10 backward

LBCs IC x 20

BBSU IC x 15

The Thang: Pearls on a String **this AO has a minimum 2 mile run with each beatdown.

Total Mileage during beatdown: 2.16 miles

At the big soccer field, there are giant metal light posts (around 12 of them spread out). We did a mosey around the poles with beatdowns every 2-3 poles. Every 3rd pole we did a Rosey to the next pole.

For each beatdown, I chose a different PAX to pick their card and call cadence for the exercise. All of the beatdowns that were selected and performed by all PAX are:

**keep in mind we are running between each beatdown**

Monkey Humpers: IC x 17

Arms Circles IC x 25 (100 total)

25 Burpees

Bear Crawl ~75 yards

Burnie Sanders (backward run) 100 yards

100 Yard Sprint

Freddie Mercury: IC x 25

60 second Low Plank

Smurf Jacks: IC x 25 (50 total)




Word: Opened the floor for PAX to share positive things going on in their lives. Heard awesome things like: raises in their jobs, one PAX’s M is pregnant, developing leaders.



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