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GLASS VQ/Fellowship/Vicious Circle

GLASS VQ/Fellowship/Vicious Circle

Grinder 8/4/21
QIC: Glass
11 PAX Singlet , Coleman , Frank The Tank , MarkyMark , Roller King , Backseat!! , Toto, Package , Chicken Little , @barker

SSH IC x21
Palm up arm circle IC x22
Reverse palm up arm circle IC x23
Lunges IC around COP back to start
Merkins IC x10 (2 is 1)
Prison Cherry Pickers IC x21

The Thang
Fellowship Mosey to track- sidewalk street route to trail.
Line up along long jump pit.

Bear crawl width of field

Vicious Circle
laps around track
During laps, Last 2 break off and rosy to center
(5) burpees at center, rejoin front of group
Last 2 break off when first two leave center

2 reps

Luv2Lunge OYO
Forward lunge to center of field
Reverse lunge remainder of field
Side lunge back to center of field

Low Dollys IC x11
High Dollys IC x11
Sweat Angels (double dolly) IC x11
American Hammers (overhead) IC x11
Big boy sit ups IC x11
Plank For 58 seconds
Mosey to grinder rocks
Air Squats IC x 11

Mosey Road to Basketball Court
7 diamonds 1/2 corners
7 push-ups
14 squats
21 LBC
28 flutter kicks (2 is one)


Mosey back to flags

Circle of trust
-Count o Rama
-Name o Rama

Words of wisdom:
Power of positivity. You may not accomplish your mission with only a positive attitude, but you will certainly fail with a negative one. When I said I wasn’t a runner to several PAX early on I was writing my own negative story. Once I inserted “up until now”…I wasn’t a runner, I was able to rewrite my story and now I enjoy running. Reframe your stories in a positive light and challenge your brothers to do the same

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