F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
Let’s have some Fun

Let’s have some Fun

Q: Singlet

SSH – Windmills – sprinkler – dry dock Crabs (Q’s favorite)
Goofballs- remember to observe the pax while performing these)
Dancing bears
Merkins- good form please!
Mosey to the roller hockey rink
Crazy 8’s – sprint across the court, mosey around goal, perform quantity four of 4×4’s then sprint across the court and mosey back around other goal.

Pax does peoples chair while 1 person does 10 Dwight Howard’s then next guy does his 10, all other pax holds peoples chair while waiting for everybody to get a turn jumping.

Sprints across the court because I think they can run faster than they did on the crazy 8’s (I was correct)

BTTW – chicken peckers
2 sets
London bridges in cadence
2 sets

Mosey back included Prisoner Mosey, Flying Mosey (Arms out like wings) and Rifle Carry Mosey, pax said its hard to breath in these positions…

About 5 min of Mary

This was meant to be a fun workout, by fun we mean work hard with your brothers in the Gloom, one way to appreciate life is to serve, try and find 1 small act you can perform to serve someone today, and enjoy doing that!

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