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Less Fatigue – More Courage

Less Fatigue – More Courage

Warm Up – imperial walkers – hillbilly’s – goofballs – dry doc crabs

Merkins – slow and full range of motion

Courage is not the absence of fear. There is no such thing. All sane human beings have a fear mechanism that is alive and kicking at all times. Our built-in fear mechanism is what keeps us alive long enough to participate in the creation of new human beings

Squats – slow and full range of motion

Fear un-tempered is deadly. To give over completely to one’s instinct to avoid danger, regardless of the consequences, is the opposite of Courage. It is cowardice. If we were all to flea from danger all the time, the Community would be slowly devoured, starting with the slowest man and ending with the fastest


Courage begins with the recognition that while peace should always be our goal there are some threats that confront the Community that simply must be fought. The Virtuous Leader is able to set aside his fear of danger sufficiently that he can Influence other men to fight with him rather than flee when such threats arise.

BTTW – chicken peckers (Shoulder Taps) – Australian Mountain Climbers

Smurf jacks – Goofballs – up/downs – Crab Cakes

Fatigue makes cowards of us all
No man can set aside fear with his hands on his knees, his head down and his lungs on fire. That is not a battle position, it is the posture of surrender. It is for this reason that the King, the daily discipline of physically training the body, is one of the very first QPoints. A man whose physical fitness is Decelerating is ill-equipped to confront Hardship.

Hand Release Merkins
Dips and step ups –
Breakdancing Bears because the area Q (Chuck E. ) would not let me do a workout focused on form and leave this out!!! #rules
Mary -alphabet – Fredy mercury’s – Q’s abs were burning, finished with 2 high dolly’s,. and luckily the clock struck 6!

Because fatigue makes cowards of us all, the HIM ensures that his Fitness is always Accelerating. Only a man who is Right, living in the normal and upright position, will be capable of setting aside his fear to turn Hardship into grace.

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