F3 Gold Rush
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Burpee suicides madness

Burpee suicides madness

Q – Roller King!

Backblast: We had 14 PAX at today’s beat down: No.2, Chuck E., Bio, Toto, YOTA, Hydro, Chicken Little, Possum, Backseat!!, Singlet, Overpass, Rapid, and welcome former FNG Clod.


Cherry pickers IC
Windmills IC
Side straddle hops IC
Step-Ups OYO – 10 each leg
Gradycorns IC
Mosey to tennis courts

The Thang:
7 of Diamonds-
7 – merkins
14 – Big boy sit-ups
21 – Squats
28 – LBCs
21 – Squats
14 – Big boy sit-ups
7 – Merkins

Mosey to basketball courts and line up.
Burpee suicides down and back. (1 burpee at each line)

Line up on side line
Dora 1-2-3:
Partner 1: Bear crawl to other sideline and crab walk back
Partner 2:
-100 lunges (1:1)
-200 low flutters (1:1)
-300 side straddle hops

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