F3 Gold Rush
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Railroad Crossing!

Railroad Crossing!

AO: Grinder

Date: 10/20/2021

Q: Package

PAX: Backseat, Dome, Happy Meal, No. 2, Possum, Singlet

The Thang:
Pax: Overpass , Roller King, Chicken Little, Canoe, Yota

15 Cherry pickers
10 forward arm circles
5 forward big arm circles
10 reverse arm circles
5 reverse big arm circles
Mossi to train tracks
11s push-ups perpendicular across train tracks and squats with 50 bearcrawls (1 per railroad tie) travel in-between then switched to lunges as mode of travel at 5/6. Total of 1,100 railroad ties covered, .45 miles.
Mossi back to coupons with stops to pick up the 6 en route with LBCs
Package plank position, feet off the ground 6 inches, pass all coupons to the PAX to your right until all coupons at end, the reverse until all at the other end.
Mossi long way to Pavillion
50 American hammers
100 lbs
Plank until 6am
COT- keep a smile and a great attitude even when you are the least talented at something and try hard to improve yourself and those around you.