F3 Gold Rush
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Elevens for the WIN

Elevens for the WIN

PAX: Beaker, Tech Deck, Banjö, Chef Boyardee, Steamer, Free Willy, Waldo, Spirit Fingers, Thumper, Blue, Samsonite, Pikachu, Pikachu’s scooter, Offshore, Wipeout, Disco Ball from F3 Crossroads (IL), Sandlot, & YHC. (T-claps to Naperville for the inspiration for this one.)

Disclaimer, Mission, Credo, then Warm-o-rama w/ Cherry Pickers, Hairy Rockettes, & Grady Corns. Then Smurf Jacks while the PAX had to name the 5 CPs in order CORRECTLY!!

Mosey to low garage. 5 Merkins IC. Run up a level for 10 Squats IC & 5 Merkins IC. Run up a level for 15 LBCs, 10 Squats, & 5 Merkins, all in 4-cout cadence. (Full disclosure: I still have a bit of a mental fog from The Grizzly, so it took me a bit to find my rhythm. So this is what I wanted to happen. More on that in the COT.) Then up a level for 20 SSHs, 15 LBCs, 10 Squats, & 5 Merkins in 4-count (so 40, 30, 20, 10 if OYO).

The Thang: Elevens for the WIN
1 World War I Sit-up (the W), then run up the inclined ramp (the I), & 10 Newton Cradles on top (the N). As a prize for winning, PAX ran back down to the bottom on the incline for 2 WWI Sit-ups, Incline run, & 9 Newtons (obvs!). Keep going to 10 & 1.

Back down the garage, reversing the order of exercises performed coming up.

Back to flags for Mary. Freddie Mercurys, Crunchy Frogs, & Rosalita Wips, IC.

COT: Thanks to everyone for hanging w/ me while I pushed through the mental fog. Proof that if you start to fail, you can whine about it…but you’ll probably still have to do it anyway. So you might as well push through & learn from the failure that comes.

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