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Dull Boy

Dull Boy

AO: Sandstorm
Pax: 10 Dilbert, Peppi D, La Croix, Unicorn, Happy Meal, Con Air, Hall Pass, Bambino, wipe out, gadget
QIC: Gadget

Slowsy with bags on shoulders for 5 core principles, mission statement, disclaimer, credo.
*Apparently that was the warm-up…..not intentional.

The Thang:
REDRUM! Murder bunnys from the sideline of the short soccer field to the sidewalk, (approx 80 yards)
10 bagees then rifle carry back to the line, rifle hold for the 6.
Rinse Repeat 2 more times
All pax did 5 bagees with pax who false-started.

Hall pass let everyone know it was con airs birthday by bringing him a balloon (which he kept on the whole workout)
Q asked Con air to lead PAX in his favorite sandbag exercise, reps for his age.
Over shoulder sandbag throw, alternating shoulders IC X42

sandbag clean then throw, leapfrogging to bag for approx 20 yards
10 bagees then sandbag drag back to the line.
30 sandbag kettlebell swings OYO
21 over shoulder bag throws IC
In bear crawl stance sandbag underbody cross pull left side approx 20 yards, right side back to start bear crawling sideways
10 over shoulder bag throws.

circle up, failure to launch with sandbags on shoulders going around circle 3 countdown.
Q did 5 bagess for horrible instructions
20 sandbag kettlebell swings.

COT – Q shared thoughts on hymn, be done with lesser things, focus on what’s important.

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