F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
Stand up when called

Stand up when called

PAX:6 Timberlake, Happy Meal, Picard, Uncle Rico, Altuve (FNG), Dilbert

5 Core principles/Mission/Disclaimer
Warmup all IC
20 SSH
15 Cherry Picker
20 Forward & Backward arm circles
10 Harry Rockets

Line up shoulder to shoulder facing South
Clean, squat, press, then throw
-Lunge to the sandbag and repeat until at the edge of the grass (about 70 yards)
Once there OYO 20 reps each all with Sandbags
-Over the shoulder bag throw
Mosey back to the line to complete block 1

Block 2 15 Reps each OYO, same as above

Block 3 10 Reps each OYO, same as above

Block 4 5-10 Reps IC, same as above

Mosey to the flags

Partners shoulder to shoulder and pass a single bag from side to side 20 each
Triceps ext until time ran out.

COR – NOR – Words of the day – Announcements
When it is your time to be called up, show up and be prepared. Even if you were unable to prepare as much as you would have liked. Show up and be ready as if it were planned that way.

Named our FNG (Altuve) – Loves So. CA sports and the Dodgers and was in a band in HS called Hamilton.

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