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Saint Nicholas Day

Saint Nicholas Day

QiC: Vespa
PAX: Family MattersCaptain HookDilbertTimberlakePeppi D

5CP, MS, Credo, Safety Statement covered.

Today is The Feast of Saint Nicholas or Saint Nicholas Day.

OYO: Big arm circles forward for 10 then back for 10
OC: Imperial Walkers, Hill Billies, SSH, cherry pickers

Grab a pain pillow and carry it over your shoulder to the flags. Look at the impeccable “line” of cones set up. Captain Hook was proud.

Carry a pain pillow down and around the cones to get used to the weight.

The Walk of Saint Nicholas:
6x Should Press
12x wood chop lunges
3x forward bag throw
4x murder bunnies
3x bear crawl bag drag
Distance: From the flags to the street or roughly 200+ yards and Al Gore for the 6.

There was plenty of mumble chatter about times where the grass has been cold, wet, freezing, etc. Today was a good day, however. it was just grass.

Significance: Saint Nicholas died on 6 December, 343 AD.

Carried the pain pillows back to the flags.

Path to Sainthood:
Similar to Santa’s Ladder. Partner up. 1 partner runs down to the cone and back while the other partner does 10 burpees. If unable to complete 10 burpees before the partner comes back, finish the count with merkins. Running can be with/without a pain pillow. Pax Choice. Each round decreases a burpee and a cone.

The feast:
25 (Christmas day) OYO LBC
24 OYO E2K (12 each leg)
25 (Christmas Day) OYO Big Boy

Talked about what Fanny Pack and I talked about last week at Overdrive. There are times in your life when you will not have anyone giving you positive encouragement. It can be a day, week, month, etc. However, it never fails to clap for your damn self.

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