F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
Make it Wayne’s 100th

Make it Wayne’s 100th

Eagles Nest 1-25-22 Q: Dome
41 Pax in attendance: Roller KingNo.2CPTDumplingGlassMagellan‘88YOTATech DeckCrash DummyWALL-ERed Light BC Saul SpillzIntolerantExciteBikeBangkokRibbonsColemanDrum StickShrinkTomTomChicken LittleConAir – 1st F QDome⛰Bag BoyDirty BirdFrank The TankPurple RainHighTowerGreen ThumbWipeoutRapidDuckedSouthern BurnMarkyMark Make it Wayne FNG – Wader, 2.0 Diddy Kong, 2.0 Lil’ Wayne, 2.0 Short Circuit

F3 – Fitness, Fellowship, Faith
5 Core Principles
F3 – Mission Statement
Disclaimer: “I AM a profession, modify as needed to prevent injury”
5 Burpees OYO
Motivators x 7 IC
10/20/30 – Merkins + Squats IC
Mosey to the fence around the track
20x London Bridges IC
Mosey to the Stadium
The Thang:
Merkins and Dips on the bleachers: Start with 20:18, 18:16, 16:14 … to 4-2.
Mosey 2 laps, and circle back for the six.
Line up on the in zone line:
Bear Crawl 20 yrds Rosey Back x2
Bear Crawl 30 yrds, Rosey back.
Bear Crawl 40 yrds, Rosey back.
Bear Crawl 100 yrds, all you got, go pick up the six.
7 Min’s of Mary:
20 Mt Climbers, 20x Freddy Mercury, 20x Low Dolly, 20x High Dolly, 10x Big Boys, 40x LBC’s
Mosey back to the flags
Count-O-Rama: 41 PAX
Name FNG Andrew: FNG Andrew told us that he was a former Marine, loves the outdoors, hunting and fishing. He is married and has two kids. After much discussion, FNG – Wader was named.
Honor Make it Wayne’s 100!

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