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Moment of Vulnerability (MoV)

Moment of Vulnerability (MoV)

1/31/22 The Last Day of January 2022
PAX (7) DilbertTimberlakeAl DavisUncle RicoHappy MealPeppi D La Croix
Welcome, Mission, 5 Core, Disclaimer
Mosey with Sandbags to the Snack bar
Copperhead Squats IC x 40
Copperhead OHP Negatives IC x 15
Lunge Walk/slowsey w/ Sandbags ~75 yds

Merkins on bag IC x 12
Copperhead Negative Curls IC x 10
Lunge Walk/slowsey w/ Sandbags ~75 yds

Squat Thrusts IC x 15
Sandbag Pickle Pointers IC x 15
Low Flutters w/ Sandbag Hold IC x 25

Slowsey w/ bags to Train area
Step-Ups for 4 minutes OYO
Over shoulder throws OYO 10 on each side

Slowsey to Flags

Partner up
P1 Bear crawl drags
P2 Does 10 burpee hops over bag then catches up to P1. Flapjack.
Rinse and Repeat

Forward lunge + curl -after coming up from the forward lunge, do 1 curl. ~20 yards

Chest press w/ bags IC x 25
LBCs with bags on knees IC x 25
BBSUs with bag IC x 10

Squat hold 30 seconds
MoV (moment of vulnerability): Run, for the light of life will soon by overcome by darkness.
Announcements: Q SCHOOL this Saturday!

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