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Mental Health Battle

Mental Health Battle

PAX (10): Banjö, Tech Deck, Bedrock, Carny, Marbles, Bilbo, LZ, Fescue, Purple Rain 701-318-4685, YHC

Warm Up: Grady Corns, Don Quixotes, Hillbillies, SSHs, then a Scout Run w/ the Scout doing a Plank-based exercise while the PAX run past. Then POT6.

The Thang: Each set will have stats about mental health and workplace mental health. The workout will be in the form of a Dora 123. As you are working with a partner (No OYO), each stat is doubled. After each round, POT6 then find a new partner.

Round 1
50,000,000 adult Americans experienced mental illness in 2019.
27,000,000 Americans with mental illness are unable to receive treatment.
56% of employees spend time looking for another job.

100 Dips
54 Squats
112 Merkins

Round 2
60% of employees do not feel their management helps them to deal with stress.
80% of employees reported feeling emotionally drained by their work.
33% of employees can’t afford their healthcare costs.

120 Calf Raises
160 Moroccan Night Clubs
66 Lunges

Round 3
65% of employees find it hard to concentrate at work due the environment at work.
Over 60% of youth with mental illness do not receive treatment.
Over 60% of employees feel they don’t get paid enough to save for an emergency fund.

130 LBCs
120 Box Cutters
120 Flutters

We had time so we repeated Round 1, then did the other exercises together & IC but divided by 10(-ish) because there were 10 of us.

A few things to leave you with:

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in America.

22 veterans commit suicide EVERY DAY.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255

COT: We talk about giving someone who’s keeping to themselves their space. But when we’re down, what we really want is for someone to reach out to us. So be that guy who reaches out to people & ask how they’re doing.

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