F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.


PAX: Shark Bite, Chinos, Reversal, Sully, Bob Barker, Homer, Thumper, Banjo, Chop Shop, Flamingo, Skype, Jubilee, Soft Kitty, Dem Apples, Offshore, Chef Boyardee, & Bartman (Q)

WOR: Grady Corns, Don Quixotes, Imperial Walkers, SSHs, all IC x15 & going over the Disclaimer, Mission, & Credo in between, then 5 Core Burpees. Mosey around the baseball field.

The Thang: IMPACT
Done Dora-style, PAX A keeps the count while PAX B runs around the baseball infield. 1.025 total reps of…

50 Imperial Squat Walkers
100 Merkins
150 Plank Jacks
200 American Hammers
250 Chinooks
275 Twinkle Toe Squats

Bonus: Mosey to picnic area for Forties (Irkins & Dips)

Mosey to Shovel Flags.

Mary: Low Dollys, Freddie Mercurys, Crunchy Frogs, Heels to Heaven

COT: My 2.0 is a part of the Azusa Pacific University Free the Captives Club. She challenged me to do a workout while wearing a tie for Dressember (www.dressember.org/impact). So I Q’ed & made everyone wear a tie. Banjo earned Extra Credit.

Between 2007-2020, California experienced 11,368 cases of human trafficking with 12,918 victims. 1 out of 10 homeless people reported being trafficked. 1 out of 5 homeless teens reported being trafficked.

In 2020, California had 1,334 cases of trafficking reported. 1,025 were sex trafficking reports (thus the rep count). Also 129 cases were labor trafficking, 43 were both labor & sex trafficking, & 137 were unspecified cases. 904 cases were adults & 268 were minors.

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