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Wet Churro

Wet Churro

Taproot: 10/16/20

12 HIMs showed up in the gloom for another round of TD fun! We accelerated through wet grass, sand and gloom horns this morning.

Q: Tech Deck
PAX: BaNjO, Razzmatazz, Bilbo, Schwartz, Psalty, Dimple, Hall Pass, Purple Rain, juice box, Sancho and former FNG-Kilt

10 Batwing IC
10 Reverse Batwings IC
18 Hairy Rockettes IC
18 Grady Corn IC
18 Cherry Pickers IC

The Thang:

#1 Chinese Fire Drill-
Pax lined up and around cones for this Indian run variation. When Q calls fire PAX drops into a plank and did a mixture of plank exercises while the 6 ran a lap and a half around the PAX and took the front. PAX completed a total of 12 rounds of fire drill.

#2 X Marks the Squat
Pax met in the middle of the field by the F3 flag and circled up

1. At flag- 20 two scoop squats
2. Run to cone 1-20 merkins
3. Run back to flag-20 two scoop squats
4. Run to cone 2- 20 Big Boys
5. Run back to flag-20 two scoop squats
6. Run to cone 3-20 Burpees
7. Run back to flag- 20 two scoop squats
8. Run to Cone 4- 20 Leg lifts
*Rinse and repeat-(AMRAP)

Shoutout to Psalty who must have eaten his Wheaties this morning because he was unstoppable today during X Marks the Squat!

#3 Bearway to Heaven (Churro Edition)
PAX did Bearway to Heaven in the sand after being in the wet grass thus the title: “Wet Churro”

Lots of mumble chatter with Dimple about VQing The Den soon. T-Claps!

-10 low dollies
-10 high dollies
-30 second low leg hold

3F/5 CP/ Mission
FNG Kilt- A European history teacher and football coach at WestPark High, a big fan of Scotland.

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