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Happy Meal Monday

Happy Meal Monday

Terminal: 10/19/20

A 16 Man PAX gathered under a clear sky and great early-fall conditions to put in the work and set the tone for the week! To make sure that we were all able to make the most of our short 45 minutes together, all PAX were asked to pair up during the mumble chatter a few minutes before go-time.

QIC: Happy Meal
PAX: Jumpstart, Stitches, Macbeth, Rerun, Bartman, Horry, Plunger, Banjo, Sereno, Vespa, Tech Deck, Tent, Razzmatazz, Chong, Jet-Puffed

5:15… Each pair lines up along the end line of the basketball court.

P1 does Exercise, while P2 does Movement to opposite sideline and back, then flapjack:
[Movement, Exercise]High Knees, Merkins
Butt Kickers, Mountain Climbers
Frog Hops, Pickle Pounders (Frog Hops turned into Broad Jumps real quick)
Lunges, Squats

Face your partner to make some space
10 Double Shot of Jack
10 Absolution

PAX forms three lines of ~5 HIM’s each.
Walk like an Egyptian from basketball courts to parking lot entrance
Mosey to the South end of the field where cones form a starting line at the top of a hell, and an end line at the bottom of the hill (about 10 yards and a decent slope)

Bear Crawl 1-2-3 on the slope:
P1: Bear Crawl down, Crawl Bear back up to flapjack w/ P2.
P2: Exercises
Exercises: 100 Gas Pumps, 200 BBSU’s, and 300 Rocky Balboas (1:1)
A few PAX learned how Gas Pumps got their name.
Stitches was a beast with the bear crawls, nearly surfing his way down the slope.
The uphill Crawl Bears were a solid crowd pleaser, particularly about half way up!

Indian Run in one long line, back down the sidewalk and to the Basketball Court for a few minutes of Marry.

4x Dr. W (8 Count move IC, with Q being happy to hold the 5th movement)
Low Flutters for the last minute, to bring us to 6:00AM on the dot.

5 Core Principles
Words from the heart: F3 Purpose cited. We all choose our attitude. Monday’s may be the easiest day to let the fart sack win. Thankful for the HIM’s of F3, who help Q choose to have a positive attitude and start off the day and the week in a great mood. The attitude we choose to have is infectious to everyone we interact with… and that impact is exponential.

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