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ConAir 100th Bash

ConAir 100th Bash

Q: Chuck E.


Hillbilly walkers
Boxers bounce – arm swings/circles
Hip openers

The Thang
Deconstructed Burpees
Walking lunges for the 6

Mosey to hill

Bernie Sanders up
Crawl Bear halfway down
Mosey other half

Mosey back

Zombie crunches
Nolan Ryan’s
Dancing bears
Breakdancing bears
Superman’s with pulsing opposite limbs

COT – we honored one of the most humble and consistent men and leaders among us. We’re all better for working out with and knowing Con Air. Many shared how we are inspired by him and fight to keep up with him. He shared we are all right behind him pushing him harder. That is acceleration for all. Keep it up men!

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