F3 Gold Rush
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Swollen Arms

Swollen Arms

Q: Purple Rain


Share 5 core principles of F3.

– Abe Vigoda – in cadence (IC)
– Forward and Reverse ARm circles with Dinghy making calf raises-IC
– Hairy rockets – IC
– ? pickers – IC
– Suicide squats – IC

In unison PAX does 2-count side straddle hop and counts reps 1-5 out loud. Reps 6-21 are all mental and everyone must stop together at 21. If anyone stops early or goes over Q has PAX perform penalty workout of Q’s choice.

Since the 10 HIMs were all in step, no mandated PR punishment was due. Pat yourself on the back gents!

Mosey to grab coupons.

Paired up into 5 groups of 2 for circuit.
Vertical partner performed a count of 20 of said workout (below in CIRCUIT) while horizontal partner went as far as he could on looped course with specific horizontal workout. The pair switched after every 20 count of vertical workout until 100 of the vertical was made by pair. It would’ve conducive next time to do a variation to ensure each partner had the same count of vertical workout. Call it uneven Stevens for this Q or go ahead and do it on next Q to throw off those OCD HIMs and mess with professionals…

CIRCUIT included but not limited to:
1. 100 coupon curls/alligator merkins
2. 100 overhead coupon presses/bear crawl
3. 100 bench coupon presses/lunges
4. 100 triceps coupon overhead/mosey

Picked up 6.
Thanks to Dome⛰‘s wise counsel, the coupon workout continued with 20 reps of rows on each arm and a few more coupon workouts of choice oyo.

Smosey (slow mosey) to return coupons.

Mosey to picnic tables.
-Dips 20 or 22 count (option) OYO

1/4 mile Black Snake Run to dryish ground to perform 10 minutes with Mary:
– 20 LBCs – IC
– 20 Boxcutrers – IC
– 20 Reverse Crunch – OYO
– 20 Zombie Crunch – OYO
– 20 Rosalita – IC
– 20 Crunch Frogs – OYO
– 20 Heels to Heaven – IC
– 20 BBC – OYO
– 20 Peter Parker – OYO
– 20 Hammers – OYO
– 20 Low flutters – IC
Thanks Chuck E. for helping keep the flow!

Mosey to curb and perform Variations of merkins:
– 20 count with feet on curb
– 10 count on each side with left hand on curb and one in the gutter (thanks Coleman for talking me down from the 20 count ledge)

Finished workout with cool down with more arm circle & Dinghy making calf raise combo.

COT->count o Rama->name o Rama->announcements->Message from Dome⛰ “The way you do anything, is the way you do everything.”

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