F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
Horry at the Quarry

Horry at the Quarry

Q: Horry

Had 40 HIMs beat the fart sack this morning, 3 of which were former FNG’s. Singlet, Abacus, Brass Monkey, Pyro, Kilt, No.2Dinghy, Squirt GunWilson, Ponch, Floater, ConAir, Bambino @upper deck, BaNjO , Razzmatazz, Frank The Tank, Icy Hot, Possum, Scissors, @ Blart Bartman⚾️, Bam Bam, @Picard, Stitches, Psalty, Dome⛰, Chuck E.Hot Rocks, Elsa, Beans, Sideboob, Plunger , MarkyMark, Tech Deck , Bilbo, @mongul, @ringer, Hall Pass, Horry

20 – Cherry Pickers
20 – Abe Vigoda
Mosey light run with exercises:
• Butt Kickers
• High Knees
• Karaoke facing right
• Karaoke facing left
Mosey to parking lot.

The Thang:
Blimps – line up on the Bearcrawl to the center planter boxes
10 burpees – bear crawl to the other side
20 lunge each leg – bear crawl to the other side
30 imperial walker – bear crawl to the other side
40 merkins – bear crawl to the other side
50 plank jacks – bear crawl to the other side
60 squats – bear crawl to the other side
Mosey to Church Parking lot

Partner up and complete DORA 1-2-3
Partner A – run to last lighted planter in parking lot and loop back to partner B.
Partner B is working on reps of workout.
Flap Jack and continue counting reps.
100 – Merkins
200 – LBC
300 – Squats
*when finish pick up the six

Circle up complete 5 sets of 85Z’s

Mosey to Flags

F3 5 Core Principles:
1. Free of Charge
2. Open to all Men
3. Held Outdoors
4. Peer Led
5. Ends with COT

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