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Quarry 11/24/20

Quarry 11/24/20


Q: Tech Teck

29 HIM made the choice to accelerate in the brisk, Tuesday gloom for some chilly, partner punishment!

QIC: Tech Deck
PAX: MarkyMark Floater Dome⛰ 88 Bambino Ponch Dinghy Psalty Vespa No.2 Coleman Mogul Bamm-Bamm Sancho CPT ConAir Kilt Singlet Pikachu Rapid Schmear Elsa Stitches Bilbo Razzmatazz Bartman⚾️ BaNjO and former FNG Ponzi


15 Merkins IC
20 Big Littles IC

The Thang

Pax Moseyed to rocks for a natural coupon

1. Diego- Partners will complete a series of sets and cumulative reps together. Partner not doing reps will run a quick lap with 1 Bobby Hurley at the halfway point.

100 Merkins
150 Overhead Presses
200 LBC
250 Curls
300 Weighted Squats

2. Rochamburpees- PAX will choose new partners. Get into Chillcut (low) Plank position and play Rochambeau for 10 rounds. Each round will increase by 1 rep. Winner of each round does Merkins and the loser does burpees. Ties result in both partners doing merkins. EX round 7- 7 Merkins/7 Burpees.

*Rochamburpees was a crowd pleaser! Lots of mumble chatter, laughter and a few grimacing looks. YHC didn’t lose a single round and enjoyed seeing his partner doing burpees! YHC was a good sport and completed 10 burpees in the last round.

20 Freddie Mercury IC
20 Heel Taps IC
12 Leg lifts IC
15 Low Dolly IC


Q Thoughts- Choosing to post in the gloom with your F3 brothers makes everyone better. It improves your fitness and fellowship and as both of those continue to grow it expands and explodes into 3rd F faith opportunities. Let’s continue to be a bastion of light and leadership for our communities.

FNG Ponzi earned his name today after killing our workout this morning. He received his name by working in an MLM job as a Cutco rep.

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