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Gobbler’s Challenge at The Den – 11/26/2020

Gobbler’s Challenge at The Den – 11/26/2020

13 HIM weathered the beatdown of Gobbler’s Challenge and came back for a second helping of some of TD’s Thanksgiving Sides!

Co-Qs: Bartman and Tech Deck
Pax: Razzmatazz Kilt Stitches Rapid Pikachu Red Ryder BaNjO Icy Hot Dome⛰ Bilbo Psalty

-Capri Lap
-20 windmill IC
-20 OH Claps IC
-20 Hairy Rockettes IC
-20 SSH IC

The Thang:

*Gobblers Challenge:

10 Swings
10 Round’s Reps
15 Swings
15 Round’s Reps
25 Swings
25 Round’s Reps
50 Swings
50 Round’s Reps

1/4 mile Lap
Round 1 Reps: HR Merkins
Round 2 Reps: BW Squats
Round 3 Reps: Rows
Round 4 Reps: Rowers
Round 5 Reps: OH Press

*Thanksgiving Sides:

PAX will draw cards from bucket, each card has a picture of a Thanksgiving side. Do the exercise and reps that match.

Pie- Carolina “Pie” Docks

Rolls- Foxholes (w/ rolls!)

Ham- American Hammers

Mashed Potatoes- Mountain Climbers- Time to get ready for the mountain of mashed potatoes 

Stuffing- Get ready for that extra stuffing by running laps!

Cranberries- Burpees (No one really likes either of them)

Gravy- Covers the Turkey, go grab a 6 for a round

Sweet Potato Casserole- Crunchy Frogs (Great with crunchy topping)

Green Beans- Bonnie Blairs (your legs will be flimsy like them)

Corn- Grady Corn

*Sally- Squats

30 Low flutters IC


Thankful for all the PAX that came out to share in this tough beatdown with us!! The only downside was every helping had a heavy helping of Psalty Mumble Chatter. (JK, love you, Psalty! <3)

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