F3 Gold Rush
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Tour De Quarry

Tour De Quarry

Q: Bilbo

PAX 31 Total (with/ Q): Macbeth, Razz, Dingy, Hot Rocks, Pikachu, Coleman, Abacus, Banjo, Stitches, Cliffhanger, Bamm Bamm, Dome, Rabbit, Bambino, Vespa, Horry, Bartman, Frank the Tank, Tech Deck, Kilt, 88, McFly, Possum, ConAir, IcyHot, Ponch, Red Rider, Pyro, Wilson, and Galaxy

Disclaimer, F3 Mission, and F3 Five Core Principles.

The Thing

  1. Brief warm up – Harry Rockets, Cherry Pickers, and Seal Claps (In cadence)
  2. Mosey to far baseball field (butt kickers and high knees along the way)
  3. 7 of Diamonds (PAX spread out across the 4 corners of the baseball field)
    1. PAX does 7 reps of the same exercise at each of the 4 corners, running clockwise between corners. Once PAX have made it back to their original location, the round is over, and PAX will Side-straddle Hop for the six. Once six is in, the next round will commence. Each round is a new exercise with the reps increasing by 7.
      1. Round 1: 7 Burpees
      1. Round 2: 14 Four Count Flutter Kicks
      1. Round 3: 21 Merkins
      1. Round 4: 28 Squats
  4. Mosey to the baseball field benches by the flags
  5. Partner workout: Partner #1 does 10 step-ups & 10 dips, while partner #2 holds plank. Once both partners have completed step-ups and dips, they will Burney for the six. After the six is in, workout is repeated, but reps increased to 15.
  6. Mosey to the “Quarry pit”                                                        
  7. Quarry of pain (each PAX selects a rock or 2 pebbles)                             
    1. Round 1: 15x Curls, tricep extensions, shoulder presses, bent over rows
    1. Round 2: 18x Curls, tricep extension, shoulder presses, bent over rows
    1. 10 weighted squats with rock or pebbles
    1. Round 3: 12x SLOW Curls, tricep extension, shoulder presses, bent over rows
    1. Finisher: Weighted squats in cadence
    1. Imperial March while wait for the six after each round
  8. Put boulders away and head back to the flags for 4 minutes of MoM
    1. Freddie mercuries
    1. High Dolly
    1. Low Dolly

Circle of Trust

  1. Count-a-Rama
  2. Name-a-Rama
  3. Why is this site called Quarry? First, Quarrying is significant to Rocklin’s history. Rocklin was incorporated in 1893 (during the peak of railroad and granite mining activity) and had 22 granite quarries by 1910. Second, Quarrying is the act of finding potential in unexpected places and refining it to be usable. We want this AO to be a place of self-discovery and refinement. A place where we deposit sweat and weakness and leave with a fellowship of brothers, a better understanding of ourselves, and value we did not know we had.
  4. Bilbo “Hat model” silhouette Stickers were passed out (Bilbo was unaware this was taking place)
  5. Named FNG – Hot Rocks (EH’d by Coleman, from Wisconsin, and likes Saunas)
  6. Ball of Man
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