F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
Quarry – 12.8.20

Quarry – 12.8.20

QIC: Psalty
PAX: 32. 1 FNG
Bilbo, Brass Monkey, Upper Deck, # 2, Ponch, 88, Abacus, Bartman, Schmear, Sereno, Mr. Clean, Bam Bam, Picard, MarkyMark, Possum, Rapid, Razz, Tech Deck, Singlet, Sancho, Frank the Tank, Roadkill, Mogul, Happy Meal, Shooter (former FNG, Dinghy, McFly, Hairy, Pyro, Fome, Floater

Disclaimer & Mission Statement
Warm Up
Burpees x 10 (Shock and Awe)
Grady Corn IC
Hairy Rockette IC
Parking Lot Work
Bear Crawl 1 Island,
Bounding jumps to the next.
Crawl bear 1 island,
Crab walk the next
Suicides 1st island,
Then 2nd Island then back
Wheel of Merkin x 10
Mosey around park stop on the sidewalk by road
30 Monkey Humpers (Mcfly’s Re-election Secret Weapon)
Run 1 st cones 25 Merkins Run back
Run Middle of church lot 50 Squats Run back
Run next set of cones 75 Curls Run Back
Run to final set of cones100 LBCs Run Back
Replace stones
Bear Crawl 1 Island,
Bounding jumps to the next.
Skip like Mcfly to Third Island
Crawl bear 1 island,
Crab walk the next
Skip to third island
Suicides 1st island, 2nd and 3rd isalnds
Mosey back around park to entrance of far lot
5 burpees
Mosey back to flags
Butt Ups IC

Words: F3 is good for us, we need to keep inviting, cold shouldn’t be an excuse

We also took some time to celebrate Mcfly’s 100th post. There were words about his quick wit and his energy. We also demonstrated the impact he has had in the group by having people raise hands if they were EH’d by him. A good portion of the group had some hands raised. Congratulations McFly!

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