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Give It Away

Give It Away

22 PAX in the gloom accelerated & were able to appreciate (or not) the work of other PAX in the F3 Nation. Dinghy, Tech Deck, Possum, Chamomile & his shorty Floss, Jolly, Kilt, Razzmatazz, Bilbo, Stitches, Singlet, Soft Kitty, Tent Offshore, Mogul, Coleman, Oh Billy, Mudslide, Vespa, Thumper, Plunger, & YHC Bartman. ,

“Give It Away” inspired by Mushu of F3 Phoenix, who is a friend of mine from college. He liked my description of F3 so much, he joined down where he lives. This is from his VQ a while back. 

F3 Mission & 5 CPs, Disclaimer (No FNGs)

WOR: Hillbillies x20 IC – Don Quixotes x15 IC – Bat Wings (full set) x15 each IC – 20 Dinghys (calf raises) OYO – Lap around the parking lot

Welsh Dragons: Bear Crawl 4 steps – 1 merkin, 1 plank jack, 1 BEHIND THE SHOULDER shoulder tap 2:1 – Bear Crawl 4 steps-2 merkins, 2 plank jacks, 2 BEHIND THE SHOULDER shoulder taps 2:1 – up to 10

Sheldon Cooper Has No Friends (but the PAX do): (because Mushu teaches HS science) – Mosey around The Den to a location determined by the Q – 10 burpees, 10 merkins, 10 squats, 10 BBSUs – Mosey around The Den to a location determined by the Q – 9 burpees, 9 merkins, 9 squats, 9 BBSUs – Repeat down to 1 of each & squating/planking for the 6

We had some time & Possum was complaining about not having enough shoulder work, so we did some more Welsh Dragons until the Q called it. (Otherwise, it would’ve been 10 Minutes of Mary, & no one wants that. And speaking of Mary…)

Mary: LBCs x15 IC – Protractors (PAX lift legs at whatever angle the Q calls out) – Nolan Ryans x10 each side IC
COT: “If you aren’t giving it away, did you really have it in the first place?” — Possum

Mushu joined F3 because I was talking about it on social media. But we all have stuff we can give away. Our time, leadership, religion, F3,…it doesn’t matter. Whatever you have, share it.

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