F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
Pyro is on Fire!

Pyro is on Fire!

Q: Pyro


Warm o Rama:
GC’s – all IC
Mosey to Park and S Ranch
Go Tell it on the Mountain = Go run it up the Hill. Repeat to catch six and mosey back in.
Angels We Heard on High = Coupons we have held up high.
Dora 123 partners
100 coupon press while partner b walls with coupon over head and back
200 21 curls – partner B side shuffles and back.
300 squats – partner B Carioca’s put and back.

We wish you a Merry Mary:
High Plank Hold


What is a tough guy? To me, Tough guys reach out when in need. Tough guys look out for those in need and reach out to them. F3 is great at fostering that. Thanks for coming out!

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