F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
New AO = New Parking Lots!

New AO = New Parking Lots!

HIM’s: Macbeth Horry Bam Bam Mirror Bambino La Croix ‘88 WALL-E Rapid Stitches Sideboob Satchel
QIC: Happy Meal
Total Distance: ~2.5mi

Copperhead Squats (ic) 11x, Mosey around the parking lot
Merkins (ic) 12x, Mosey around the parking lot
Burpees (oyo) 5x, Mosey around the parking lot
Hairy Rockets (ic) 13x, Mosey to the next parking lot

Suicides across the parking lot w/ 4 turnaround points. 5 Merkins at starting point. 5 merkins upon each return to the starting point.

Mosey to next parking lot
But Kis: 3 rounds of Rocky Balboa for duration of Q’s choosing.

Mosey to the front of the school
Audible: 5 Durkins just for fun.

Mosey to next parking lot
Bear Crawl, Mosey, Crawl Bear, Berney through parking lot (alternate movement at each planter)

Mosey to the back of the park, each pax gets a coupon (yes, The Choice has coupons)
Cadence calling each of the following exercises (3 is 1 with cadence)
8 (ttl of 24 reps) of each: Curls, High Pulls, Tricept Extensions, Overhead Press

Nemo’s (5x): Without letting go of the coupon, each rep consists of a Chest Press to an Incline Merkin to an Overhead Press, to an Incline Merkin, to a Chest Press.

Halleluiah mosey to the end of the parking lot and back, then return the coupon

Mosey to another parking lot
On one side of the parking lot, start with 5 Gas Pumps, mosey to opposite side of parking lot, 5 Curb Hops. Mosey back and work your way down the ladder (4:4, 3:3, 2:2, 1:1).

Mosey back to the flags
American Hammers (ic) 20x

Called time at 6:00
5 Core Principles and Mission Statement.
Shared that naming of the AO was born of the reality that each moment is a choice. We each choose how we interact with our Concentra, our community, our family, and each other. We each have the opportunity to choose to accelerate in our Fitness, our Fellowship and our Faith. F3 has been the disruptor in Q’s life to prompt him to choose to accelerate. The Choice is open to all men, so that we can provide all HIM the same opportunity to choose to accelerate and support them in their journey.


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