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Offshore Excursion

Offshore Excursion

21 in the moist gloom! (My 2.0 hates the word moist.) Thanks to Offshore for leading Sancho, Brass Monkey, Thumper, Pyro, Chamomile, & shorty Floss, Bandwagon, Razzmatazz, Compass, Kilt, Sereno, Tech Deck, Schwartz, Schmear, Jolly, Soft Kitty, Sideboob, Coleman, Singlet, former FNG Birdie, & YHC (Bartman).

From Offshore: Thank you Gents for joining me for the offshore excursion! I appreciate you all and remind you of the verse that I truly feel speaks about what is happening at F3
Proverbs 17:17.

Back blast:
Warm – a – Rama

In cadence side straddle hops

Indian run to aquatic center
Ricky Bobby way back

Baseball Diamond Workout Done in parking lot due to rain
Home Plate = Dry Docks – 15 in cadence then rotate home plate controls the tempo no one rotated until home plate is done everyone rounds the bases

1st base Squats
2nd base – Diamond Merkins
3rd base Big Boys sit ups

Penalty Box Stations 2min then run to the next station whole circle to the next station – stations on the opposite side of the crosswalk . HIMS run around not through crosswalks. both stations are doing same workout

1st round Quick Feet x2 + Squat
2nd round Hurdle + Burpee
3rd round Jumper Over Box + Skater lunge
4th round Forward Hurdle + Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear around penalty box

In cadence:
Wheel of merkins
Carioca jacks
Joe Louis
low flutter
Low Dolly
High Dolly
Freddie Mercury

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