F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.


7 pax came out
Former FNG Conquistador Buckeye Pikachu Compass Mogul Rerun Toto Pink Slip Roadkill Sancho Red Tape Bubbles Ponch Singlet Chuck E. and me
We started with a little warming up
All in cadence
falling chickens (arm circles while doing copperhead squats)
Forward and back ×15
Gradycorn in AL Gore ×15
Seal claps in AL Gore x15
Harry Rocketts ×20
Cherry pickers ×20
Mosey to ball fields
40 yards down and back
Bernie Sanders
High knees
Butt kickers
Mosey to soccer field (frozen tundra)
For frostbite fingers
The Thingie
20× sidestraddle hops 10x merkins 5× Burpee = hops, merks, burps.
10 yards Inchworm. hops, merks, burps bearcrawl back
20 yards frog hops. hops, merks, burps bear crawl back
30 yards crab walk. hops, merks, burps bear crawl back
40 yards lunge walk. hops, merks, burps bear crawl back
50 yards sprint. hops, merks, burps bear crawl back

After we got feeling in our hands back we moseyed to another frozen wasteland for a scrum run
Broke into two groups and ran the field passing 15 lb medicine balls to the right last man on the right runs to the other side of the line with the ball and passes it on to the next. No penalty burpees assessed.
Mosey to coupons
Circle up backs to each other in American hammer position and passed the coupons around.
Mosey with coupons to basketball court
20× elf on the shelf to the right (oyo)
20× elf on tbe shelf to the left (oyo)
Colt 45 with coupons
Mosey back to put up coupons
Pickle pounders for the six
20× goofballs (oyo)
20x monkey humpers (oyo)
Back to the flags on the six for Mary
15×low flutter (ic)
15x low dolly (ic)
15x Rosalind (ic)
High plank low plank
Schmear plank
Ended with some inspirational thoughts from a new member of the ol farts club.

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