F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
Your Inappropriate Neighbor (DR in F3 Phoenix)

Your Inappropriate Neighbor (DR in F3 Phoenix)

8 PAX in the gloom: Mushu, Mr. Rogers, Moonshot, Live Wire, Pointer, Repo, Package (also DR from GR), & YHC

Warm Up: Hairy Rockettes IC x20, Suzanne Sommers IC x20, Monkey Humpers IC x20, Fairy Jacks OYO x20

The Thang

Paula Abduls – lunge walk in parking lot, 2 steps forward, 1 step back, arms Straight Up the whole time

Mosey to street for Pamela Andersons on the curb, slo-mo 6-count cadence

Mosey to pool area for Chicken Peckers IC x10

Half-wall for Lindsays (aka Forties): 30 Incline Merkins & 10 Dips, 25 Inclines & 15 Dips,…, 10 Inclines & 30 Dips

Tammy Wynettes

Mosey to bathrooms for Dirty Hook-Ups IC x10

Mosey back to parking lot for Partner Assisted Pickle Pounders IC x10 then switch

Mary: Marrionettes x15, Low & High Dollys IC x20, Nolan Ryans IC x10 each side (not an inappropriate name but it is a fave of mine)

COT: Take your fitness & your diet seriously, but not yourself.

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